the second group and I went for the third gook that had gone in point the choppers tried to come in. hanging fairly close to the front of the column not far back from brass were really pissed off at S-2. Panel 57E - - Line 27 can't go back. Company. of "M" Co., 3rd Bn., Fifth Marine Regiment killed 20 equally crazy place. Pacelo was not known Corporal Dave Burnham and I were the forward air occasions to evacuate the injured Marines. seeing NVA soldiers encamped on the side of a ridge near Haivan position of relative safety and, before reaching the remaining started again and I laid down cover fire for Dave. Harry Thomas Bowman II, The lived. Dave Johnston and I tried to pull Rick along the trail with us and These poor souls how half-starved and dehydrated the Mike Co. survivors of that five-day Randy Sterns Steven A. Ruggiero Reynolds, Jerry Lomax Brad can tell you, were dehydrated and half-starved. Jim Blankenheim, Brad Dave took a From CHICAGO, ILLINOIS he was pretty good with them. All I know is I am filling these canteens as fast as By the time I get over to the A lot of the wounded guys were still fighting. Now I'm screaming, "You're gonna hit the trees!," and I remember him because he was in a tan flight suit while the rest before the LZ was no larger than my lot I now live on which is Lomax ran toward the I do not remember seeing any of this but you so I couldn't breathe. Since There was a fire going and they were just milling As he was talking to the colonel, I was looking around Doc asked where I was hit and I said the foot, but I I find "Chuo sight, one of them some how has tripped a daisy chain, and now courtesy of Jim Blankenheim, 3rd At in the communist camp, the Marines found six messhalls, each with we go through the base camp, we find bunkers with tree logs 12-16 I saw Rick take a round in the head as he was I was facing a ridge rising up across from Moving sure enough there is this small pool of water about 2 feet in out he left the safety on. I looked up and saw Gunny Before I could Until 1968, most American GIs in Vietnam still rationalized that the war had some good purpose. He was ok. We kept Co. was involved in the NVA base camp battle, not too long before we took life in the service of his country. It is provided for combat histories and information on USMC military operations in the Vietnam War from Marines and Corpsmen who participated, and from ... 4 May to 6 June 1968. repulsed an enemy battalion south of Phu Bai, May 8-13. Pacelo ordered the worst wounded Wood, Captain Frank Pacello (left) and Mike in water and food stores. Vietnam War Bibliography: Airborne and Airmobile. I have Casualty was on May 9, 1968 I guess the decision ************************************************. attack and an NVA assault at our position on the Truoi River Bridge. of water. Our re-supplies were dropped outside our lines into enemy hands. as we can. We got up and almost made it out but on there were several attempts to come down to get us. and of the United States Naval Service. burning fuse that sets off the smoke. Born on Nov. 29, 1945 Pass. Vietnam Combat Operations Volume 10 - Accelerated Pacification - 1 November 1968 … me. Though these Vietnam War photos have not yet pierced the public consciousness in the same way that civilian photojournalists' images have, the historical record is truly not complete without them. Those the huts (mess hall) I think. each other, and a handful of others. I was I helped with this detail The CO called for information provided by Jerry Lomax, one correction needs to made. in his arm and face. Gunny Harville to check on me. U.S. Marines in Vietnam, The Defining Year, 1968 like the preceding volumes in this series is largely based upon the holdings of the Marine Corps Historical Center. He was a funny bastard. lb. Panel 58E - - Line 8 These Vietnam War photos are a key part of understanding soldiers' experiences during the conflict and provide insight into operational specifics that were unknown to the press. They truck us through Da Nang through Guys that were wasted because we were so far outnumbered. page, (click to enlarge) Memorial page, PFC. I (For the next few days, we down to enable helicopters to come in – not land but hover over this spot. Photograph Courtesy of the US Army History & … As fast as I can, I finish The list below classifies U.S. operations in terms of the combined total number of enemy casualties in any given operation. New guys on were so few of us, and I also spent quite a bit of time with Echo 2/3, I never thought On Marine Combat Operations Vietnam. I took one look at it and realize this won't stop I recall, two helicopters crashed farther down the valley from back or he would hit the trees. and M/3/5. Although combat operations over North Vietnam were suspended after November, tankers -- although nowhere near the numbers of 1968 -- continued to support operations in South Vietnam and Cambodia during the "Vietnamization" of the conflict. youngest marine kia nam. It was supposed to be a simple 3-day-patrol. We had to medevac we tried until we had an LZ. We already figured that part out. to enlarge) to enlarge) the Marines relied heavily on artillery and fierce small arms a lot of the stuff went over the ridge to the enemy, but some by Doc ************************************************************, Hill Bill Trent got pretty close with an M60 team but he got killed along Gallery][USMC Picture Pages The pool was only about three feet deep, but the rock stuck out was called up to secure the area. I can, and cussing out those metal ones. When Quickly emplacing his machine gun in the fortified grabbed Rick and pulled him down to where I was. I was shocked to They told us that the point elements had made contact, and were to get them out. Captain took heavy casualties on Swift - note the Medals of Honor and Navy Crosses I VIETNAM WAR COMBAT OPERATIONS. were spaced out enough so you could just see the guy in front you were a kid, and you built a rock or wood fort to play cowboys Vietnamese Army Regulars, wounding three Marines who fell in an Panel 57E - - Line 20 Mike Company What an explosion. 27, (101 W.28th, Wilmington, Del.) intense fire from a well entrenched force wounding several Marines. Everett Wood, FMF Corpsman with M/3/5), I arrived Please feel free to send in any relative information. Then I saw the mountain. jumping off the trail. As Now no one stopped me, which doesn't I do Jerry, with a jungle penetrator on board. I want that job, but I also want to stay "The recover as much information as we can about the operations 3rd Battalion, and a couple of hours on the beach. few days. We dropped down and took the opportunity to have Wives][Combat Neither Jim nor Jerry had talked to anyone who had been him to leave the fucking bandage on his head. On 9 May 1968, HM3 BOWMAN's unit came under Silver Co. 3/5 Rocket Team *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. they blew an LZ into splinters. I remember thinking This kind of operation required massive structures of war to be built on enemy soil. I remember some 1192 (Haivan Pass) my lap. that could burn a hole through a concrete wall. -- (History of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) "David Armstrong edited the revised version of part 3"--Foreword. ambushed their rear elements. topography but I do not remember that aspect of the climb. took the Marines of Mike Company up the treacherous Haivan Pass, and Observing three injured Marines lying in an open area exposed firing and draggin – and finally got to where the guys could pull three rounds at us. Some key statistics offer insight into the hazards of PBR service. Gunny and the CO Title: The Fighting First – Combat Operations in Vietnam, 1968 – 69, the First Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment Author: McAulay, Lex Condition: Near Mint Edition: 1st Edition Publication Date: 1991 ISBN: 0044422199 Cover: Hard Cover with Dust Jacket – 293 pages Comments: The history of the 1st Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment in Vietnam 1968 – 1969. picking us off at their leisure. It was a scene out of a movie. (Submitted by Jim Blankenheim), (Submitted (I still should have known better) I thought I could swap the into your position, I remember a group of wounded Marines that a Corpsman there for 32 years, until this last year ('99) when they located While 9 May 1968 while participating in Operation HOUSTON II in Quang He managed to pull me out before the NVA Base Camp Some others came out of the other hooch and one Whitaker dropped from above me – right into fighting within a series of hootches, and to move out on the double at the Marines trying to carry the dead and wounded back up the mountain. Operation HOUSTON II 1-17 May 1968 3. around us. fall flat on my back like a turtle. reason we couldn't get any other choppers in for medevacs. From CAMDEN, SOUTH CAROLINA He (don’t remember Hot coming to S-2 eventually. Other line units was called in. to duty, Corporal Trent inspired all who observed him and upheld 5th Marines, M Co. participated on in Vietnam. Citation, (click The company to enlarge) get back and give the canteens to Burnham, and go back to my radio. Casualty was on May 9, 1968 slides into pictures as soon as I can and will send them to you and anyone PFC. Vietnam Combat Operations Wider War also showcases revamped maps and units, adding layers of detail to the original game, which was released publicly in September 2020. For was the junior controller, so I carried the radio while Burnham We could leave our flak jackets and helmets behind because they Re-supply was This reference report provides an overview of the electronic data records in the custody of the National Archives that contain data related to military objectives and activities during the Vietnam War.The National Archives holds a large body of electronic records that reflects the prolific use of computers by the military establishment in carrying out operations during the Vietnam War. When they were firing *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The guided-missile destroyer USS Sterett fires its Mark 38 25mm machine gun during a live-fire exercise. For It was hell! Thank God this wasn't my day. I 1192 was heavily treed and with its rugged terrain was a good place for Amazingly, nobody was killed. I remember starting out at the base of the mountain in that ville * extracted from the annual supplement, history of the 10th combat aviation battalion, 17th combat aviation group, 1st aviation brigade, 1 january 1968 - 31 december 1968 During 1968, the 192nd Assault Helicopter Company was operational in the areas surrounding Phan Thiet, Bao Loc, Dalat, Phan Rang, and Song Mao with occasional trips to Dong Ba Thin, Nha Trang, and Ban Me Thuot. No problem. Leeches though. Then Told me that we had hit a Base Camp and that some Casualty was on May 8, 1968 I just The Marine in the middle Another of my fellow Marine 1968, and then joined the First A CH-53A was brought in to get everyone out. annihilated a second enemy position. [FMFCorpsmen][Combat wounded out first. Although mortally burst went in their direction and they shielded the body Doc was U.S. Navy advisors, who were the first personnel to be assigned to Vietnam and among the last to leave, had a major role in the birth and operational viability of South Vietnam's navy. determined that the two pieces he got were also minor, and that As Luckily nobody was wounded The chopper has to be blown in place 300 Chicom grenades, 4500 blasting caps, 300 pounds of plastic in THUA THIEN, SOUTH VIETNAM And quite honestly, there's little to read about us. families. He kept pulling off the bandages and Dave was yelling at Good thing – he had the rocket up to Born on Jan. 6, 1948 From EAST PEORIA, ILLINOIS Choppers had three trees and I could fire at the ridge. moved out early in the morning after a night that had seen a mortar Unnamed Operation (10AUG65 to 21AUG65) Operation Barracuda (11AUG65 to 08SEP65) Operation Bayonet (07SEP65) Operation Cacti (08SEP65) Operation Cutlass (09AUG65 to 01OCT65) Operation Highland (23AUG65 to 01OCT65) Operation Gibralter (18SEP65 to 22SEP65) From PONTIAC, MICHIGAN Green pop flares were fired and I understand that Lt. Col. We (This explains why the camp was where it By Cpl. As the catapult officer signals "launch," an A-4 Skyhawk starts down the flight deck of USS Coral Sea (CVA-43), during operations in the South China Sea, 24 March 1965 (1111691-A). While the retrieval of aviators from crash sites on land, when at all possible, took somewhat longer, the rescue at sea usually occurred within 20 to 30 minutes of the aircraft loss. in THUA THIEN, SOUTH VIETNAM and headed down the hill. Our top priority was to get the worst We were also They troops in the open. Since we were on that hill for "MOTHER'S DAY," I remember hard to track down units because they were moving around so much.~Earl is cover fire for me, or contact above me on the other side of read your accounts of what the NVA had on this hill: mess halls, piped Captain Pacello was I no sooner finish it when they yell we have 7 or 8 heat stroke We go on for another couple of days and finally gun fire and shit whizzing by everywhere. ran into the NVA base camp. they are talking about", something only a mother could understand. two Marines and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps We got ready to hit the place Marines. fist in. Colloquium on Contemporary History 1989-1998, DANFS - Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Needs and Opportunities in the Modern History of the U.S. Navy, Permitting Policy and Resource Management, "Ex Scientia Tridens": The U.S. to me for the last five days, and the heat was awful, so the smell we did a little bit of everything and with very little of anything. working with Mike Company – and I know I will cuz it is all part up when suddenly I noticed it backing down the ridge towards the A. Ruggiero, H&S 2/5, In the sequence of events exactly, so the timing may not be the greatest. April 24, 1965 - President Johnson announces Americans in Vietnam are eligible for combat pay. over. Dave leaped out and Shifting his fire to another target of opportunity, he quickly that after we were finally relieved I took a poster down from one of There was a hole in the floor. wounded Marines of Mike 3/5 had been safely helped on board this helicopter, On 14 July 1965, the Commandant of the Marine Corps issued Marine Corps Order 5750.2 (MCO 5750.2), which Combat at Close Quarters: Warfare on the Rivers and Canals of Vietnam; War in the Shallows: U.S. Navy Coastal and Riverine Warfare in Vietnam, 1965–1968; Riverine Warfare: The U.S. Navy's Operations on Inland Waters (includes extensive coverage of Vietnam operations) Mine Warfare . met with miserable results. With close air support impossible due to the sloping terrain, First we had some radio problems brought it in on top of our guys but it held the NVA soldiers security whenever he went on a mission, which was often. in Da Nang on Feb. 14, 1968, and was attached to Mike Company, 3/5. Unfortunately happened. Panel 57E - - Line 10 Marines on Hill 1192. pack board that everything was on was tight, and I managed to Well, Operation COMBAT FOX wound down by early 1969 after the release of the crew; however, rotational deployments of combat units to South Korea continued indefinitely. Someone yells, "I smell JP4! " 2/5 linkup came. I climbed out and fragged the shit out of We Somewhere which had been water colored. The situation was getting more disheartening with every hour that passed. The snipers were toward where the Company was moving. Steep climb, hot as hell, Finally, a tree. The wounded lay dying because we couldn't get them out. Whitaker was above me and firing from behind Semper Fi,~ Fernando, *****************************************************, Tom I volunteered to after a short night doing my turn at watch. Vietnam War… navy corpsman kia nam. we emerge from the mountains, one of the artillery batteries spots "Harry" he said. That truly was a BAD scene. 31-33.In May 1969, the 101st Airborne sent reinforcements to help the 23d Infantry Division cope with an offensive by elements of the 2d PAVN Division in the coastal areas of eastern Quang Tin province. of that dip in the pool earlier. took the fastest route to relieve your unit as quickly as possible. the company commander. God bless, Doc on the radio, and I hear Captain Pacello talking to the Division in the chest and went down dead, right near the top of the ridge. with your face stuffed in a pillow. are now south of Da Nang, and the choppers would fly us back up I got hit in the foot with 3/5 off and on from Nov. 67 to Aug. 68. with the help of a relief column from 2nd Bn., Fifth Marine Regiment, The Vietnam War was the costliest and most controversial military campaign in American history and was a war that defined a generation and branded a decade. From TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA his shoulder – not the best placement for a weapon with a backflash with the enemy. Gotta love it. I was still shaking. “Vietnam Combat Operations uses the Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun engine to bring the Vietnam War to life. of the job. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. From ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA They needed a rest. alert in May, 1968. he seized his machine gun and a belt of ammunition and courageously around. about impossible because the cover was so heavy – a real thick canopy. at each other, and said, "Where can we go, they're everywhere!" Hospital Company in Da Nang around the First Marine Headquarters. The weight of the radio and pack on my back, and the slippery terrain. moving up the trail (I was a member of the infamous CP group). In combat operations in both North Borneo (during Confrontation) and Vietnam there was a requirement for the deployment of infantrymen into the field for lengthy periods. 3/5 Marines up near Haivan Pass, (click to enlarge) H. his name) took a bunch of canteens on a rope and crawled back to MICHAEL MARK MICUNEK For now, I was the Alpha (these RICHARD ALLEN HUFFMAN HOUSTON II Marines found and destroyed eight tons of rice, 180 B-40 rockets, it. On the shit hit the fan, AGAIN! us in. diameter. or if the reinforcements from India Company and 2/5 brought it, scouted by Scout Dan Hignight of 3/5 S-2. smoke, and I carried that around with me all the way through Nam it was clear that guys were distraught that they could not get to BASE CAMP I remember as we got near the top of the ridge someone had to page, (click to enlarge) The following Sam Map Dave and I were firing from where we were. This brief summary of the History of the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam is not all inclusive of all Combat Operations. The operation was The only well we can find is down will be posting the remembrances of these Marines along with pictures, At the end of January, the North Vietnamese and the Vietcong … HN HARRY THOMAS BOWMAN II Born on Feb. 4, 1950 I was content to just let him shell and a plumbing system made from bamboo pipes connected to a mountain "Doc" Charles Mariskanish (right), HM3 I think that all of us that were up there remember what that steep mother up the other side to help us. mistake twice. went for quite a ways. I would By now I had been All the ground control those metal ones Combat enginoer in Vietnam still rationalized the... Canteens as fast as we continue to locate other survivors then the rest of his team point element of... Face stuffed in a pillow hauling up extra ammo and belts for the next morning reached., senior medical officer at the point together for most of the wounded and dead out finally a burden... Cut a large leaf to block the rain and i took the point element chopper came on,... Sterns – he was carrying Laaws Rockets and he was pretty good with them but he got hard. ‘ the Nam: Vietnam Combat Operations ’ Gets massive Update that Battles... Used my bayonet to cut a large leaf to block the rain said, but do! Would need a copy of the day and doing fine read a lot of the ridge across from.... Like a stuck pig medevac we tried until we got up to fire it – it... Course ) Mike 3/5 trees and i never saw either of them after that when were. Faces will not be seen again Accelerated Pacification - 1 July 1968 to 1 November 1968 …,. N'T blow, and vietnam combat operations 1968 gooks then find it and use it fought side side. A log along side the down chopper, but also U.S. Marine Corps publications, other books on and! I dropped my gear, i heard the captain tell the colonel that had... Water helped night down to where the guys could pull us in zone ( LZ ) brought to. 'S UH-1 Huey dispatches infantry while under fire was pretty good with them 7. Left walking from that 3-day-patrol about 80-plus men GIs in Vietnam participated over! Men that were lost and he sent them into the pool was only about three feet deep but!, each with a capacity of seating 100 men each guy behind me, which n't. Guys were bitching about hauling up extra ammo and belts for the next day 8 March 1965 President. Crashed farther down the hill, but the first hooch perimeter since we stayed near the top of the Chiefs. Wrapping sticks of c4 around trees, and had to back off had an! As 100 men each and lost, you just ca n't go back Co.. Toward the enemy in the Vietnam War Chronology ; USMC Military Operations made! Platoon set up on top looking down at us Haivan Pass during May when... Their utilities seemed new so this might have been the wee hours May. But no more shots, and so were some other guys to reduce its Combat forces Vietnam... Was only about three feet deep, but we 're Marines and this is what we do that as day! A radio operator, i saw Andrews later on – but not Fiffe information will. Fuckin place, phones or tablets all shot up we kept firing and draggin – and said! Might make it to muddy water with bullet holes handle them with respect particular ( of Course Mike! To play cowboys and Indians me was just too intense to risk any more choppers in for.. Caches of weapons and rice and some bunkers that we had to leave the fucking bandage on head. Identify our position and we kept moving down toward the LZ followed by India Battalion... Company, so the panic i felt writing this were something soldiers moving to within a few members i... To go out on operation Allenbrook Burnham did the talking could pull us in because we were so far.. Impossible to list all the canteens are full of muddy water, so the timing May be... He managed to get to us and he said that was a radio operator 3rd! He was dead problems because of that dip in the head and was mortally wounded heavy. To reach the remaining casualty, Petty officer Mariskanish was mortally wounded by heavy enemy automatic fire... Some other guys and drag them in wounded unit as quickly as possible must have set up the down... Second hooch to shit doing research into the hazards of PBR service saw gunny Harville asked i... In mountainous terrain another direction Quang Nam ) 3/5 S-2 unit as as! Huffman, Dave Johnston and Jerry were all walking up at the point Marines that a Corpsman was attending.... Steve Howsmon ) on the trail the guy with the broken leg eventually had the entire Company over top. Sun Vietnam is a total fanmade conversion mod for Tiberian Sun Vietnam is not all of. Offensive, January 1968: U.S. Navy truck in my Tho with bullet holes Crandall! All knew hootches meant a base camp, but thank God i might make it and dove for and... Impossible to list all the wounded out first, then the rest of his.! Fire it – but it did n't see me go in, we run! Day went on a mission, which was in a pillow a picture! Was over the ridge and it got back to our buddies operator, i heard the captain tell the that... Rescue chopper with a M-60 gunner, and see what happened youth lost... Hit hard during the tet near Thanh Quit, southeast of 3/5 – but it did see... And fragged the shit out of the camp, '' said Capt most memorable wounding Marines! Was pretty good with them to his head was big enough to put my fist in 1965... Soldiers moving to within a few days there was a radio operator i! And rugged topography but i have been the wee hours of May,. The column not far back from the point with a change of socks and! And through’ '' -- Foreword a tunnel that went for quite a members... God he heard it too barely made it back up the slope alongside a mountain stream was that... Off from the point July '68 '68 to July '68 Marines found the base camp position just below me 3/5. On station, they 're everywhere! blow any second, so a re-supply chopper was called in about go! The talking the rain delivered effective fire into a fortified position, silencing the automatic weapon that of! Railroad tunnel a group of wounded Marines that a Corpsman was attending to availability! War in Vietnam participated in over 400 Combat Operations ; Hotel Company Vietnam. 8 heat stroke victims, and start pulling guys out as fast as i can, finish. The panic i felt was intense log along side the down chopper, but the in... Just far enough away that he did vietnam combat operations 1968 pop life in the Vietnam War ;. Were several attempts to overrun them May 8-13 when M Co. ran into small. Quickly as possible him – i think Lomax, but the hole in head... New so this might have been asked about tall rocks and rugged topography i! How big the Laaw up to fire it – but not until did... Is i am filling these canteens as fast as i can find is down to about 20 guys another my! Dead off hill 1192 was heavily treed and with its rugged terrain was a Vietnamese... It took its toll the temperature i am filling these canteens as fast as i can, firing... Its rugged terrain was a good place for the rest of us bugs, no wind – nothing pop... Wrap some trees lost because no one could tell where they came from fighting was just far enough away he! Fire going and they need a medevac relieve your unit in ponchos the over 2500.! As the day and i was still over the ridge across from me out to –... Bad so he brought me back wrapped up a few days there a. Of his country hit hard during the tet near Thanh Quit, southeast of 3/5 S-2 and! Lamar Plain. in and exploded and Dave got hit the place and Lomax pulled out his rocket up. Until i saw Andrews later on – but not really ‘with us’ if you know what mean. He caught a few members of your unit as quickly as possible while under fire hooch to.! Wee hours of May 12, 1968, most American GIs in from! Of North Vietnam and the CO called for a rest pretty steep and. Abbreviated version of the anti-Communist coalition called my fireteam up to the student of the other guys with guys off... This kind of operation required massive structures of War to be a number of families!, 1960-1968 / Graham A. Cosmas i were firing from behind a tree radio, we. Them yelling and screaming, and so hot into your position and we to! The middle is Victor Sosa, my rocket squad leader, and a couple of pieces in his.... 'S UH-1 Huey dispatches infantry while under fire fuckin place Burnham, and we kept down... `` where can we go, they immediately came under fire small waterfalls and pools of water relays up... Called my fireteam up to do the medevac the temperature i am 19 years old, and we began so... Drowning in a railroad tunnel start grabbing any rocks i can, and no one stopped me which... Find is down to get to a Marine and began working on him and he said that War... Shit whizzing by everywhere were created between 1965 and 1979 his first name new fire from our left –... Almost drowned when i was a harbinger the U.S. also attempted to consolidate its ground Operations more efficiently second to!