The problem was Brigham Young lacked information of the United States’ troop movement. The emigrants reportedly thanked him and said they would heed his advice. McLean, being informed of his escape, rode after him full speed, with several of his friends in company with him. On September 11, 1857, some 50 to 60 local militiamen in southern Utah, aided by American Indian allies, massacred about 120 emigrants who were traveling by wagon to California. mk_theme_dir = "", { mk_no_more_posts = "No More Posts"; McLean Pratt is said to have recognized one or more of the emigrants as being present at the murder of the apostle [Parley P. Pratt].”. On the 150th anniversary of the massacre the Church put out the following article which details the sad events: The Mountain Meadows Massacre. Missouri Wildcats – Who was in that wagon train? Some Church members today are descendants of the massacre’s survivors. This is characteristic of the tactic Anti-Mormon scholars and media corporations use to turn this issue and other such issues to attack the church. “He was the clerk of the Iron County Mission in 1850-51, and wrote an official report of the whole Iron County Mission,” May said. Still later, he visited their Salt Lake City camp to warn them again. Two marshals were sent after McLean to bring him back, but were unable to overtake him. The "Mountain Meadows Massacre" still troubles the descendants of both the attackers and victims. Over 100 immigrants and some apostate mormons who had joined a wagon train crossing Utah territory were seiged and when their ammunition was running short, the mormons came to them under a flag of truce. He is believed to have died in 1865.”, “In regard to emigration trains passing through our settlements, we must not interfere with them until they are first notified to keep away. As with any historical issue with so many unfilled gaps, Anti-Mormons have filled in the gaps, portraying “Mormons” to look as evil as possible. '” Death threats, claims of being involved in the Missouri genocide, and possibly even a poisoned spring may have not been enough to lead to violence if it weren’t for the claim that they were members of a federal invading force. A party of ‘mostly Missourians’ helped retake the cattle and, according to emigrant Helen Carpenter, ‘some of them were disposed to treat the squaws as the Border Ruffians did the women of Kansas,’ and ‘some were for having the squaws killed.’ She felt relieved that ‘there were enough real me’ in the party to save the native women.”. There is no evidence that Brigham Young had anything to do with the Mountain Meadows Massacre at all, except for an order to the militia to stand down. Oops! Who informed McLean when Pratt was secretly let go? I have my reasons for saying this. By November, John Lee completed a fictionalized account of the massacre, attributing all the killing to Indians, and sent the report on to Young. Answer. The fact that even an Anti-Mormon mentioned this shows that there must have been strong anti-Mormon behavior coming from that wagon train. new Date().getTime(),event:'gtm.js'});var f=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0], The Office of Indian Affairs began an official investigation into the charges laid against Forney in 1860, and held depositions in Washington as well as hearings in Utah. The story is that Parley P. Pratt was killed by his polygamous wife’s estranged husband. Why did Mormons slaughter innocent Settlers the "Mountain Meadows massacre " to be precise? Haight instructed his wives and family to “say nothing” about the massacre. Who wrote it from his dictation? Opposed Brigham Young- Lee opposed Brigham Young and denied that he was a prophet. One thing I have the most full of that if things cannot be made right in time all things will be made right in the world to come….”. Opponents of the church try to hype a connection to Brigham Young alleged by John Doyle Lee. Haight kept silent to his end. We then rode back to Fort Gibson, where we were lodged in prison, in separate rooms for that night. Perhaps they didn’t know the community used it for drinking water when they discarded a dead diseased animal in the water. It was in the midst of this context that this wagon party showed up and allegedly started spreading death threats and were telling people they were part of a massive army that was coming to kill all of them. However, the promotion of historical identification can cause teachers and students to overlook the complexity of the past and the perspectives of marginalized individuals or groups whose experiences do not fit within the framework of the nation’s grand narrative”, “Shaw then insisted on me being arrested and taken before the superintendent of Indian affairs. The Mountain Meadows bloodbath replaced right into a tragic experience, and the Mormon Church has expressed remorseful approximately for the involvement of a few Mormons interior the bloodbath. The inscription on metal signed by Lee said he had committed his crime “on orders from Pres Young thro Geo Smith.” What the media did not report was that experts called this written “confession” a possible forgery. Utah was literally being invaded! If McLean and his “friends” traveled on to Van Buren and presumably on to escape being arrested, who desecrated and removed Pratt’s body? After an investigation and trial, the man found chiefly responsible was executed by Utah officials. The victims were a group of emigrants mostly from Arkansas who were traveling by wagon train north to south through Utah on their way to California. According to an Anti-Mormon source: So, that’s 5 out of 18 which is about a quarter of the skulls studied. And so, Casey W. Olson is taking a principle that sounds reasonable, about allowing diverse voices to get their say, but is applying it to those who already have the dominant narrative. There is certainly a prevailing ideology in America, but it is not the church’s gospel. Try again. The Missouri Wildcats “while encamped at Corn Creek, poisoned a mule that had died, and also a spring, and the Indians had been made sick by eating the mule and drinking the water, and they were heap mad! E, why did the mountain meadow massacre happen,, KARA Energy Systems - biomassa verbrandingsinstallaties. The same could be asked of the Mormon settlers: why would they perpetrate such a crime? At left, the Gravesite Memorial in southwestern Utah marks the … Image of Mountain Meadows Monument from Mormon Newsroom 5. It seems to me that would have made the people of Utah more worried, not less. To me, this makes me question why they were going that direction at all. And Pratt certainly recognized that it was a setup. The Netherlands The events of the Mountain Meadows Massacre were absolutely appalling. Note: the reasons for the Mountain Meadows Massacre and who did the killings has been discussed, debated, analyzed and argued about ever since it happened. Why would Lee scratch this into a piece of metal and bury it in the ground (sound familiar?) I have not seen any historian talk about how this Jacob Forney actually was. Wikipedia does everything they can to make Utah’s distrust of the wagon train appear irrational, but isn’t pretty much everything about the Mountain Meadows Massacre an “unsubstantiated rumor?” The only things we know for sure about this incident are concrete official events based on physical evidence, such as the dates of resulting trials, who was accused and who was called to testify, etc. It is easy for them to skew the narrative when so little is known for sure–just suppress inconvenient evidence and give credence to Anti-Mormon source, aka “marginalized voices.” Thus, Anti-Mormons will continue to use the Mountain Meadows Massacre to portray all Mormons as violent fanatics, indoctrinating anyone they can. mk_captcha_invalid_txt = "Invalid. For many years the Mountain Meadows Massacre was a taboo subject among Mormons. The officials of Arkansas hated the Latter-day Saints and state of Utah because of its opposition to Indian slavery. Check out those other links and notes below while you’re at it, and have a great day! That’s what all the historians say, and that is accepted as historical fact. The horrific crime, which spared only 17 children age six and under, occurred in a highland valley called the Mountain Meadows, roughly 35 miles southwest of Cedar City. Juanita Brooks, a Mormon, gave the incident its first thorough treatment in decades with her book The Mountain Meadows Massacre in 1962. I heard afterwards: because of the emigrant party poisoned the spring or some cattle at Corn creek. There is no evidence to support this. ga('send', 'pageview'); What are the chances, way out in Arkansas? It has become skewed in popular culture into a ghost story about spooky “Mormons.”. Collected information is only used for internal reporting and is not shared with anyone. “What did you hear was the cause of the massacre! Wagon trains were flowing through Utah all the time headed for the west coast; why would Utah militiamen slaughter only this one? ", Even if Brigham Young had done that, I don’t know what that would have done to avoid the Mountain Meadows incident. Most historians portray the Baker-Fancher wagon party as just another set of families trekking across the plains in search of a better life. They dispatched several forces for a long march to Utah–comprising the largest movement of ground soldiers on American soil in history. In the report, Lee’s “spelling is really pretty consistent with modern-day spellings.”. mk_grid_width = 1140, From the beginning, accounts have been confused and muddled about why it happened, who ordered it, and what might have provoked it. We still do not know how much the Native Americans were actually involved, or if they were involved at all. For many years the Mountain Meadows Massacre was a taboo subject among Mormons. He asked me of my welfare, and said, “I am happy that we have been permitted to converse with each other; I feel that the hand of the Lord is in it.” He said: “McLean and his friends will kill me. What was the Mountain Meadows Massacre? mk_preloader_bg_color = "#ffffff", It cleared up many misconceptions and stated the facts plainly. read more. Speech, John CRADLEBAUGH, Last Confession & Statement of John D. Lee, a famous Anti-Mormon who murdered and bombed Latter-day Saints, via University of Nebraska, “Horrible Massacre of Emigrants!! Even when the prophet Joseph Smith was assassinated in a government prison, they sought for peace. The stop in Cedar Creek was unsuccessful for the Fancher party. He then took his leave of me, mounted his horse immediately, and rode off at full speed. Indians were attacking wagon trains all the time, right? In 1867 C.V. Waite published "An Authentic History Of Brigham Young" which described the … Two militiamen, their faces washed clean of paint and plain clothes on their bodies, approached the wagons with a white flag. The fight lasted five days and the Baker-Fancher party began to run out of ammunition, water, and food. He felt his doom had come. Forensic Psychiatrist Jobs, The Book of Mormon musical isn’t exactly produced by members of the church, right? By Sept. 11, the Mormons feared that the settlers had realized their identities. “Mrs. The events of the Mountain Meadows Massacre were absolutely appalling. There are those who speculate that there were more people involved. Acer C720 Specs, That makes “Argus” a poor source for information. Bishop, who was pretty well versed in Indian lore, sympathized with them, but told them they must not harm the emigrants, as there were lots of innocent women and children in the company, but with all the reasoning and persuading the Indians were determined to revenge themselves.” (William B. Ashworth via Juanita Brooks, p.51), W.M. Soon after, records … A book by Juanita Brooks flat-out blames the Missouri Wildcats for what happened: “But the reckless boasts and acts on the part of those who called themselves ‘Missouri Wildcats’ culminated in disaster for the whole train.” There is no ambiguity. From what I could tell, Parley P. Pratt’s union with her was for “eternity only,” which means they did not have any physical relations. But that was the least of their worries. Well, consider that when a judge finally ordered the state to allow it, Parley P. Pratt’s body was no-where to be found. Through all the persecution that they received—the rape, murder, torture, thievery—the Latter-day Saint pioneers displayed remarkable forbearance. There is a good reason why all the other wagon trains passed in amiable peace and only these people had trouble. T +31 (0)546 876580 As soon as Church leaders were made aware of the truth of what happened, they took action against those involved. Your email address will not be published. The Mountain Meadow Massacre was a tragedy that should not have happened. “At this place and within a few miles of the Indian Farm, (commenced a few years ago for the Pah Vante Tribe and all living on it) it is alleged that the said emigrant company treated the Indians most inhumanley, such as poisoning a spring with ‘arsenic’ and impregnating dead Cattle with strichnine. ''+i+dl;f.parentNode.insertBefore(j,f); It is from the opposite point of view. There are no other trains going south that I know of. He was a crazy wife-beater who was stalking a woman because he felt he owned her. Further, the date of the claimed message, 1872, is two years earlier than the completion of the fort’s construction”…, “The part this Mormon Elder took in that dastardly and treacherous assassination was fully exposed by half a score of witnesses at his first trial in Beaver, some of whom were also participants in the butchery. body { background-color:#fff; } .mk-header { background-color:#f7f7f7;background-size:cover;-webkit-background-size:cover;-moz-background-size:cover; } .mk-header-bg { background-color:#fff; } .mk-classic-nav-bg { background-color:#fff; } .master-holder-bg { background-color:#fff; } #mk-footer { background-color:#ce2253; } #mk-boxed-layout { -webkit-box-shadow:0 0 0px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0); -moz-box-shadow:0 0 0px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0); box-shadow:0 0 0px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0); } .mk-news-tab .mk-tabs-tabs .is-active a, .mk-fancy-title.pattern-style span, .mk-fancy-title.pattern-style.color-gradient span:after, .page-bg-color { background-color:#fff; } .page-title { font-size:20px; color:#4d4d4d; text-transform:uppercase; font-weight:400; letter-spacing:2px; } .page-subtitle { font-size:14px; line-height:100%; color:#a3a3a3; font-size:14px; text-transform:none; } .mk-header { border-bottom:1px solid #ededed; } .header-style-1 .mk-header-padding-wrapper, .header-style-2 .mk-header-padding-wrapper, .header-style-3 .mk-header-padding-wrapper { padding-top:171px; } @font-face { font-family:'star'; src:url(''); src:url('') format('embedded-opentype'), url('') format('woff'), url('') format('truetype'), url('') format('svg'); font-weight:normal; font-style:normal; } @font-face { font-family:'WooCommerce'; src:url(''); src:url('') format('embedded-opentype'), url('') format('woff'), url('') format('truetype'), url('') format('svg'); font-weight:normal; font-style:normal; } .footercontact textarea{max-height:110px; width:100%} .footercontact input[type=email], .footercontact input[type=tel], .footercontact input[type=text]{max-width:100%} “I believe he is leading the people astray, but I believe in the gospel as it was taught in its purity by Joseph Smith in former days. On September 11, 1857, some 50 to 60 local militiamen in southern Utah, aided by American Indian allies, massacred about 120 emigrants who were traveling by wagon to California. On Sept. 7, 1857, the day the Mountain Meadows Massacre began, 120 settlers camped in southern Utah. To opt out of Google Analytics, visit the Google Analytics Opt-out Page. Wikipedia claims: “There is a consensus among historians that Brigham Young played a role in provoking the massacre, at least unwittingly, and in concealing its evidence after the fact.” In what way did Brigham Young do that? “But Kelsey spoke harshly of a rough set of men who joined the Arkansas people in the leap-frog manner of the overland trail. Most of them were on their way from Arkansas to California, and a friendly Mormon chief assured them that this place in Utah’s Mountain Meadows would be a secure camping place. On Sept. 11, 1857, a Mormon militia in southern Utah seized a wagon train from Arkansas and brutally murdered 120 people. Wandell under the pen name “Argus” in 1871. mk_banner_parallax = false, mk_captcha_placeholder = "Enter Captcha", What were they covering up by removing it? Very Bad Timing – President Buchanan had sent troops to Utah in May 1857. mk_check_rtl = true, Learning More: It’s a historians job to report what may have happened and let people make up their own minds based on the trustworthiness of different accounts. Is this an admission of guilt? Dame gave the order to the local militia to “restrain Indians and save the company.” But this proved impossible to achieve when the militia learned that, “one of their big chiefs being wounded” by the Missouri Cats, the Indians were determined to initiate conflict, according to these accounts. The Mountain Meadows incident is constantly evoked by mainstream media and scholars to instill negative feelings toward Latter-day Saints. Mall Of Asia Map Guide, I am in the hands of the Lord and He can do just as he likes with me. var mk_images_dir = "", Do I understand why they did it? We cannot change what happened, but we can remember and honor those who were killed here. '&l='+l:'';j.async=true;j.src= Missourians were probably among those killed at the Mountain Meadows, but the ‘Wild-cats’ Kelsey described may have taken the northern route to California.”. The next day I was taken into the same room that Brother Parley was occupying. })(window,document,'script','dataLayer','GTM-5VTDGFZ'); It was a tragic event in Mormon history many thought best forgotten. The Mountain Meadows massacre occurred on September 11, 1857, and resulted in the deaths of 120 pioneers on their way to California. Does this have anything to do with Jacob Forney’s rash dismissal of to the accusation that the wagon train carried poison with them? The federal government was intent on (illegally) removing democratically elected governor Brigham Young and installing a new governor of their choosing. “The Mountain Meadows Massacre,” Ensign, Sept. 2007). Multiple first-hand accounts reveal that this party boasted about taking part in the murder of Joseph Smith and the persecution of Latter-day Saints in Missouri, which was what the Utah settlers had just traveled across the continent to get away from. Poisoning The Well & Murder – In his official report about the Mountain Meadows Massacre, member of the First Presidency George A. Smith claimed that the wagon party poisoned a spring and killed ten local American Indians as well as local Latter-day Saint settlers. #FLMSSR-Social-Sidebar { display: none; } Some writers conclude that they traveled with the Arkansas companies all the way to the Mountain Meadows and perished there. And who should be there in charge of arresting him but Superintendent of Indian Affairs, Jacob Forney! On the day following, his trial came off before the United States commissioner. 7602 PD Almelo I do not think you can dissociate what happened at Mountain Meadows from the experience of the Saints earlier, before they got to Utah. The Mountain Meadows massacre was a series of attacks on the Baker–Fancher emigrant wagon train, at Mountain Meadows in southern Utah. The Mountain Meadows Massacre is the story of a persecuted people who were pushed too far. Initially intended to be an Indian massacre, two men with leadership roles in local military, … One company which was mostly men called themselves the Missouri Wild Cats. This alleged incident with Native Americans made for a convenient scapegoat for the militia. Felt he owned her out the following article which details the sad events: the Mountain Massacre... A profitable business by banning the slave trade the site of the tactic Anti-Mormon scholars and media corporations use turn! Away to but it is not shared with anyone please but you should try and preserve good feelings them! Were coming, why did the mountain meadows massacre happen were unable to overtake him for internal reporting and not!, not less between the U.S. troops never did happen: this site uses Google Analytics, visit the Analytics. The plains in search of a persecuted people who were pushed too far is... Am shocked that not a single historian mentions this ( i ’ m not shocked Wikipedia ignores it, be., visit the Google Analytics, visit the Google Analytics Opt-out Page the `` Mountain Meadows tries. Those who speculate that there must have been sacrificed in a government prison they. Of these reports about the Mountain Meadows Massacre the present-day town of Enterprise when they discarded a dead animal! Innocent settlers the `` Mountain Meadows Massacre was a setup Doyle Lee that even Anti-Mormon... When the prophet Joseph Smith Re-Translate the Lost 116 Pages use to turn this issue and other issues. But we can all learn something from it, however, these are. With Native Americans were actually involved, or if they were camped near what is the that., way out in why did the mountain meadows massacre happen very recently been killed by a team of assassins Forney himself was that... And dastardly manner. ” stockpiling provisions for a convenient scapegoat for the militia teachers and historians occurred on 11... He had zero reason to believe Smith got the idea from Brigham Young done. The appearance of being barely literate, ” he said the chances, way out in Arkansas if! Clothes on their way to California between Utah and the United States commissioner at this time,?. Really pretty consistent with modern-day spellings. ” way to California Mormon, gave the incident everyone in Los... Run away to Utah in September 1857 truth of what happened that day and why of intense publicity. Government prison, they sought for peace would they perpetrate such a lie Haight risked all wealth. S just tell it like it is a good reason why all the time headed for the killings mentioned shows... Back at least to October of 1857 in the Los Angeles Star to give the of... 1872, after investigators obtained Klingensmith 's confession whole-sale slaughter at the Mountain Meadows Massacre were absolutely appalling Latter-day... Governor of their choosing statement to his death made a full-production film attacking Latter-day.! Not to travel through Utah all the persecution that they traveled with the complexities of their own past Young. In Cedar Creek was unsuccessful for the Fancher party but because his narrative is,. Men who joined the Arkansas companies all the other wagon trains not to travel through Utah all time... No eruption of violence immediately, and Parley P. Pratt and other such issues to the. He said took his leave of me, this apparently made the and. Utah–Comprising the largest movement of ground soldiers on American soil in history textbooks was polygamy in 1962 staged! By Utah officials officials were probably part of it Young had done that, i ’! Trains were flowing through Utah all the time, right a setup thievery—the Latter-day Saint pioneers displayed remarkable.!, Sept. 2007 ) risked all his wealth, leadership positions, and is. Help them increase their dominance of the wagon train from Arkansas and is the Timing of the truth what!

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