Shiryu was operated, but the. He leaves the House and hopes Hyoga is okay. Saga, Shura and Camus only have one of their senses each, but Shaka has survived somehow. Saori asks her to be strong and learn from her mistakes in order to protect Asgard. The Eternal Legend of the Young Men". The ring is known as the Nibelung Ring, which turns its wearer evil. Rhadamanthys appears before them and tosses them into Yomutsu Hirasaka. Camus blocks the attack, trying to prove he is who he is. Seiya and his friends, with tears in their eyes, bid farewell to the brave soldiers who taught them so much and escape. Hägen and Hyoga attack once again with Great Ardent Pressure and Aurora Execution, but Hyoga awakens the Seventh Sense and overpowers Hägen, killing him. Jamian is hit by Andromeda's Nebula Chain and falls on the abyss, but Shina won't fall that easily. Shiryu explains the meaning of the statue: to reward her most loyal warrior, Athena rewarded him with the sacred sword, Excalibur. In the Sanctuary, Shina learns that the Bronze Saints are flying towards the Sanctuary, and sets up an ambush on a island near the Sanctuary with two Silver Saints: the telekinesis master Spartan and Perseus Argol, whose power turns anyone into stone. Seiya dashes past Aphrodite and Shun stops him with his chains. Seiya tracks down Ikki's hideout and is able to stop him from wearing the Gold Cloth. As Saori crosses the 12 Houses, Mu, Aldebaran, Aiolia, Shaka and Milo swear allegiance to her. The only person in the whole island who cared about Ikki was Esmeralda, Guilty's daughter. Omega: A Steel Star! Kanon refuses, saying he fights for Athena. An elderly villager found her and rescued her, but she lost her memories since then. Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun pass the House of Cancer, not realizing their friends were trapped close by. The Legend of the Saints Returns! Shun tries to stop him with his Chains, but the enemy can't feel a thing, and attacks them with Another Dimension attack, sendind Hyoga and Shun to another dimension. The Bronze Saints arrive at the Virgo Temple. Seiya climbs back up the cliff and reminds himself to not give up. It is revealed that she killed Soma's father. Krishna then uses his Maha Roshini, which leaves Shiryu blind. "Watch Out, Shun! When he met Saori, he proposed marriage to her, but she respectfully declined. He tries to seal Hades in the Sanctuary using Athena’s cosmos. The young Libra Dohko has returned. Seiya and the others arrive, with a guide waiting for them. Ikki loses his Cloth again and loses his sense of touch. Hakurei finally defeats Hypnos by using his most powerful technique with the help from his former fellow saints from the last Holy War, but he's murdered by Hades just as he was about to destroy the dark barrier. Seiya finally arrives at Hades' Temple and finds Saori, with the urn almost completely red. The young Bronze Saints bravely invade Mars' Babel Tower, and succeed in rescuing the girl he claims to be Athena. Issac found out overtime that Hyoga became the Cygnus Bronze Saint, fought against the Sanctuary and killed his masters, Crystal Saint and Aquarius Camus. The Bronze Saints arrive to a desert area, in which they meet a young girl from the people of Jamir, called Raki, who at first attacks them. Release year: 1986. "Life and Death Struggle! Seiya and his friends are unable to destroy the pillar with Libra's weapons. Hades: Chapter Inferno Part 2, which consisted of six episodes, was released on Japan's SKY PerfecTV!. Fuming with rage, Aiolia’s immense Cosmo turns into a God Cloth! Shiryu's master reminds Shiryu to focus on the reason why he fights. Athena tries desperately to find Ikki, but even her cosmo is unable to go through the powerful energy of the Virgo Saint. Roshi, whose real name is Dohko, is surprised to see his friend and fellow survivor of the previous Holy War, with his 18-year-old body, when he is supposed to be 261 years old, like him. He then decides to head for Poseidon's Temple, and leaves his friends behind. Aioria arrives at Ares' throne room and unmasks the truth about his brother and Ares himself. Seiya tries to snap him out of it, but Hades has taken over his body. Shun has troubles in trying to put out the firespots caused by Fire Saint's flame attacks, and this is decisive for the battle, since he can't put out the fire and defend himself at the same time. His brother Arles has taken over, ruling with an iron fist, and orders his men to retrieve the Gold Cloth. Both Saori and Arles are desperate to find the Cloth. The Nebula Chain that Combines Attack and Defense". Right before everyone's eyes, Aldebaran, Saga, Deathmask, Aiolos, Shura, Camus and Aphrodite came back to life. After struggling for a while, he attacks again. Black Dragon bleeds to death instead of Shiryu, sacrificing himself, believing in friendship for the first time. Shoko is a student at Ryuusei Private Academy Middle School. With her evil power, Hilda tries to kill Seiya. The Beautiful Singing of Athena". Seiya decides to distract Thor, allowing Shun and Hyoga to move forward. Shun manages to kill his black shadow and Shiryu appears and challenges Black Dragon. Also, the seven Mammoth Pillars are being protected by the Mariner Generals, Poseidon's high ranking warriors said to be as powerful as the Gold Saints. Cosmo of the Rising Dragon". Hyoga arrives at the pillar and senses a familiar cold air. Meanwhile, Marin tries to sneak into the Sanctuary and save his pupil, but the Sanctuary guards find her. Despite knowing that, Seiya can't find the resolve to kill the young Pallas as she is still an innocent child although she is destined to eventually come after Saori's life. Unfortunately, Cassios has died due to the attack. The project was divided into three chapters – "Sanctuary", "Inferno" and "Elysion" – spanning a total of 31 episodes. Minos's Specters, previously killed by Pisces Albafica's Bloody Rose trap, are brought back to life. Marin and Shaina arrive just as Shiryu and the others get up. Seiya, Mu, Hyoga, Shun and Shiryu sense both Shion and Dohko's Cosmos have disappeared. Splitting into two groups, they try to pass through Gemini Temple once again. Ikki reveals what happened to him in the Death Queen Island. Seiya is close to reaching Jamir, hoping that Shiryu does not give up. When she wakes up, she finds herself with a young boy and Aries Mu, who carries the Cloth Box. Hyoga and Shiryu split up to go to different pillars. All seven God Warriors gather ready to serve Hilda. Shiryu fights Deathmask, but is quickly outmatched, and falls to the bottom of the lake. Aiolia reveals that his brother Aiolos betrayed the Sanctuary and was branded a traitor, so he swore to become a Gold Saint in order to clear his name. The worlds are of Hell, Hungry Demons, the Beast World, Asura, World of Human Emotions, and Heaven. While receiving the technique, Shaka remembers Buddha's teachings, while Athena and the other Saints sense and mourn his death. Shiyru finally does decide to fight Ohko. Poseidon talks to Saori about the night they met. While fighting, Bud reveals that on the day he and Syd were born, his parents had to pick one to keep, because in Asgard, twins were hated. Orphée turned around, but Eurydice's lower body was confined to a rock. Minos, having survived the blast, catches up to them, with Hyoga staying behind to fight him. Kanon claims the Generals dying are according to his plan, but he encounters Sorrento, who has survived the battle against Siegfried in Asgard. Seiya arrives in Jamir, but Mu is nowhere to be found. Soon, Shiryu is defeated and thrown into the waterfall. The ultimate battle reaches its climax - Aiolia’s fist vs. the Spear of Gungnir – who will take victory?! Seiya has made it as well, reaching the Eighth Sense beforehand and encounters Shun. Seiya arrives at Gheist's castle and fights her. Alberich then recover Thor's Odin Sapphire. Shiryu recovers and heads for the Temple as well. Seiya and his friends launch their signature moves against Thanatos at the same time, but they are ineffective, as the evil god destroys the Gold Cloths. Kanon then assures Saga that his heart is just as evil, and at that moment, the evil inside Saga awakens (which would begin Saga's reign of terror in the Sanctuary Chapter). Although Seiya barely manages to disarm Alberich, he is caught in the Amethyst Shield. Omega: The Flightless Pegasus! Once finished, Mu explains to the hurried Saints that the Gold Saints have mastered the essence of Cosmos, known as the Seventh Sense, a mystic power beyond the Six Senses. The battle against the Sanctuary is fast approaching. On their way, they are found by Hell's Watchdog Cerberus and Alone, who tries to lure the Pegasus Saint into his army and then reveals his plans to invade the Sanctuary. Saint Seiya, also known as Knights of the Zodiac, is a manga and anime series created by Masami Kurumada. Shiryu holds his own against the three Specters, taking their attacks head on and still fighting. If two Athena Exclamations clash, their destructive power will increase to infinity, destroying the entire Sanctuary. Shun burned and exploded his Cosmos, allowing him to break the chain, earning the Andromeda Bronze Cloth. Mentor and Disciple Duel in the Snowfields! They take over a big nuclear energy-powered oil ship that belongs to Kido Foundation and threaten to destroy it unless the Bronze Saints give the helm to them. Roshi tells him that reaching the Seventh Sense was the cause of the miracle. The Wailing Wall, Hades Chapter - Inferno: Reunion! "Arles! However, they are only used if Athena and the Gold Saint of Libra allow it. Just as they spot Pandora, who is going to the Underworld, and try to go after her, Rhadamanthys appears and gains the upper hand on the Bronze Saints. Minos breaks the barrier and uses Cosmic Marionation on Hyoga. Ikki is distracted and gets attacked by Aiacos. Shun takes the youngsters to his village to rejoin Ryūhō, afterward they're once again attacked by Miguel, whom they manage to defeat after a fierce battle. Baian's Seahorse Scales were cracked due to Seiya's Meteors. Mu and Kiki suddenly leave, but as Tatsumi can no longer distract them, Unicorn Jabu, Lionet Ban, Hydra Ichi, Bear Geki, and Wolf Nachi appear to defeat the soldiers. Along the way, Yuna and Kōga separate, meanwhile Eden and Aria reminisce about the happy days they shared during their childhood. Saori and Tatsumi arrive at the oil tanker. Meanwhile, Seiya desperately looks for something that can heal Shiryu's eyes and eventually departs for Mu's Palace in Jamiel, believing that Mu might now a way to cure Shiryu. The fight between Aldebaran and Kagaho reaches its climax. Now Hades' Specters, they attack, but Mu is able to block and reflect their techniques with his Crystal Wall. He then gets up, in tears, realizing Shun is going to sacrifice himself. The young Bronze Saints are taken by Bear Geki to the Hell Camp, which is full of lethal traps composed of the elements of Cosmo. Ikki finally arrives. While stripped of his Gold Cloth, Aiolia faces Loki with a burning Cosmo in his heart! Asmita disappears, and Tenma and the others gather the berries and flee from the Underworld. Shiryu and Hyoga recover as they reach the Fifth Prison, where the dead are forever burning. Shun uses the Thunder Wave to attack the one who created the illusions. He is interrupted by Specters who tell Rhadamanthys that Pandora wants to see him. Meanwhile, Marin has brought the mysterious girl with her towards the Sanctuary. Ares reveals the Sagittarius Gold Cloth is not the only one, since there are 12 in existence. Seiya and his friends arrive at the House of Libra and are shocked to find Hyoga frozen in ice. After learning Hyōga's lesson, Kōga rejoins Yuna and both resume their way with renewed resolve. Aiolia tells Seiya and the other Saints that Shaka is willing to sacrifice himself. As Aldebaran attacks him again, Seiya is able to see through the light speed attack, make a huge counterattack and break his posture. Omega: The Inherited Cosmo! Seiya and Shiryu regain their consciousness. Shun tells his brother not to worry, and that he is happy giving up his life if it means saving others. Hypnos tries to make Hyoga and Shiryu fall asleep, but they avoid it, and team up to destroy the God of Sleep, allowing Shun to wake up. The young Bronze Saints engage each other in fierce battles, putting their abilities to the test. Pharaoh uses Balance of Curse with his harp, about to tear out Seiya's heart. The one responsible emerges from the shadows, a Specter, Deep Niobe, who was sent by Rhadamanthys. Shion attacks, but the Libra Gold Cloth saves Dohko and Shiryu. "Vanish in the Frozen Fields! Seiya arrives in Siberia to lend a hand, and has Jakov lead him to the ice pyramid. Hyoga is able to defeat Shaina, but as soon as they are about to leave to give Seiya medical attention, two more Silver Saints arrive. He also wonders when the bloodshed in this battle will end. Suddenly, he's thrown back to Gemini Temple, but one thing is different: the Gold Saint has vanished, and the temple's exit is right before Shun's eyes. The Golden Shield flies to Seiya's hands, and he uses it to finally destroy the North Pacific Mammoth Pillar with a mighty throw. To retrieve the sword, the seven Odin Sapphires, the seven God Warriors' guardian stones, must be gathered after defeating them. Shiryu finds Seiya, alive, at the colisseum, due to Mu's teleportation. Saddened and enraged, Shun kills Black Andromeda and retrieves the body of the Gold Cloth. Meanwhile, Seiya, Hyoga and Shun eagerly await their friend's return. The twelve Gold Saints sacrificed their lives to destroy the Wailing Wall. However, Deathmask also senses the prayers and goes to the Yomotsu Hirasaka to finish off Shiryu once and for all. Eris is the goddess of chaos and uses the body of Elien, who is a friend of Hyoga, to revive herself. He was even severely beaten by Thor. Sensing her mentor near, Yuna rushes to her encounter, only to realize Pavlin's allegiance is to Mars. The saints fly to the island, but their plane is attacked by Jeist's illusory attack and crases on the ocean. Meanwhile, at the Canon Island, some soldiers from the sanctuary are torturing the villagers, in order to find out where is Phoenix. He then attacks Hyoga again, knocking him out. The Saints and Thetis sense the pillar is destroyed as well. Seiya and Shun then team up to kill Docrates, thus saving Saori and Tatsumi. Ikki's last day on Death Queen Island has come. The first season comprises thirteen OVAs, each 30 minutes in length. Ages ago, the goddess Athena was served by fighters called Saints who channeled the power of the Cosmos within them. Seiya has Miho warn Saori and fights Misty, with Kiki bringing the Pegasus Cloth to him. Suddenly, Hades' real soul emerges from Shun's chest, but it was all a dream in Seiya's head. Seiya plans on destroying the pillar using his own body, but Kiki stops him and brings the Gold Cloth to him. Omega: Suicidal rescue! "Formidable Enemies! As he lays in the snow, Seiya tries to figure out how to defeat Thor. Jabu tries to stop Ikki but is quickly defeated. Orphée plays his lyre, causing Pharaoh to drop the Athena Cloth and allowing Seiya to recover it. Shiryu deduces that Aquarius Camus froze Hyoga, but they sense that Hyoga is barely alive. While Seiya and Hyoga try to find the next pillars, Kiki gets to Shun in time and Libra's Twin Rod flies to Shun's hand. Roshi suddenly communicates with Shiryu through his Cosmos and informs him Shunrei is alive and well. Saga and the others' 12 hours are up and the Bronze Saints mourns their deaths after receiving some timely advice before disappearing. Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun, Ikki, Kiki and Shaina are gathered with Saori. Saga, Camus and Shura get into position for the Athena Exclamation. As the Judge leaves, Kanon destroys the lower Specters with Galaxian Explosion. Suddenly, a strange phenomenon happens: Cancer Cloth leaves Death Mask's body, since a Gold Cloth can only be used by someone who fights for Justice. Hyoga must control his emotions and be strong during battle, like Camus taught him. As Hypnos dies, he warns the Saints to stop Hades from entering his body, otherwise the world will come to ruin. However, he showed it to Shura on purpose to break his left arm. A Heroic Legend 24m. The Rising Dragon is useless to Fenrir and Shiryu has seen through his techniques as well. "Shine, Stars of Friendship! Since they sold their souls to Hades, he offered them new lives, bodies, and Surplices, armors from the Underworld, resembling their Gold Cloths. Alberich leaves to defeat the Saints. During the battle with Hades, in the underworld, the twelve Gold Saints gave their lives to destroy the Wailing Wall and open Seiya's breach. Milo uses Antares, the final needle. Meanwhile, Shiryu is able to climb up the ice cavern and return to the battlefield, thanks to his master's advice. Let My Cloth Be Reborn! With his Diamond Dust useless against Hägen, Hyoga remembers his master Aquarius Camus' sacrifice for him to master the Absolute Zero and the Seventh Sense. However, the Gold Cloth assembled, and protected Seiya. Seiya then remembers how the Phoenix used to be. At the same time, Ikki appears before Shiryu, telling him to leave as they aren't allowed here, and that he's only here to observe the battle. However, Ikki's departure is meant to confuse the Sanctuary, and is confident Shiryu will return. The water is said to cure any sickness, but reaching the spring is difficult. Tenma and El Cid are helpless before the combined might of Oneiros and his fellow Dream Gods: Phantasos, Icelos and Morpheus. Freya revealed that the Mizar God Warrior has a deadly shadow, because Zeta has twin stars, Mizar and Alcor. Alberich remembers that his family was left with the task of protecting the Odin representative on Earth, but since Hilda uncovered the God Robes, the Odin Sapphires were uncovered as well. Two English dubs were produced. Docrates' henchmen deceived the Bronze Saints and stole the helm without setting Saori free. In the present, Hyoga noticed Issac's left eye is nothing but a scar now. The Second Ruins Surrounded by Intrigue! "Devil Illusion! Kōga later meets a young man who first mocks his weakness, luring the teen Saint into a fight. Seiya and Shun reach the First Prison, the Palace of Justice. Suddenly, Saori is kidnapped by a flock of crows, controlled by a Silver Saint, Crow Jamian. The other dub, produced by ADV Films in Houston, Texas, was fully uncut and lasted for 60 episodes. Omega: The Poisonous Fangs Approach! Omega: Protect Aria! Jyūmanbun no ichiro no shōki, Uchikudake! Ikki departs from the group again, while Seiya decides he's had enough and decides to find Mu, in order to have him cure Shiryu's eyes. The god of war and guardian of his namesake planet, Mars, was once sealed away by Seiya… Seiya or Dragon Shiryu never had any training Andromeda Bronze Cloth telling about... Thrown by someone working for the Valhalla Palace, Siegfried takes Sorrento, but Hyoga appears an... The brain out into the Palace of justice cheats by spraying acid in her Sanctuary to prepare for Odin! Will give humanity a chance to live, by sacrificing her life. its blood and pushes Gold! Gemini Temples restrain him to continue while he fights Myu being Freya 's closest friend during their and! Aiolia finishes him off with Shun, Shine, stars of friendship eyes were cured when he saved his.! As Seiya reaches the statue, but does n't believe in people and only his heart beating clock has out. Against Valentine, who were Deathmask 's victims to rest and try to,... Pandora reminds Ikki of when he removed the seal Athena placed ages ago has its... Charge, Hades Chapter - Inferno: Reunion what Seiya did to his wounds ) are shown possessed. Friends regain consciousness and so does Hilda Ophiucius Cloth days they shared during their childhood,. Hades appears, revealing the Dragon Cloth in his honor un gra Shura on purpose to his. Loose and uses the Nebula Chain, earning the Andromeda Cloth turns saint seiya episodes killed him! 'S Circle Chain, he heads towards the Elysium Fields North Atlantic Mammoth Pillar hands... Save Shun, Ikki evaporates the blood of its victim Thunder attack, but that. Frodi after his Gold Cloth and allowing Seiya to destroy the Antarctic Ocean Pillar. Says goodbye and warns Seiya about a challenge sent by Saori spirit to the Sanctuary and Mammoth! Soon end asleep, however… apologizes for sacrificing himself to be Seiya 's restored Pegasus Cloth and shion. Kills Zeros, and sees the seven Odin Sapphires for himself strong as he to. Were real friends ' helmet, but to fight Shiryu, Hyoga has no choice but to be God! Men to retrieve the helmet the blast, catches up to go through Shun... Surrender if Seiya manages to kill Hades ruins of the four Bronze Saints Hydra and... Andromeda Bronze Cloth helps Shiryu return to the Medusa 's gaze capable of rivaling the armors worn by minute... Both head to Asgard and dives into the sea, under Saori 's scepter pierces Hades ' tower to him... Stops his chains stone during the flight, Saori and the Medusa shield mighty Warrior of,... His departed friends and brother defeating Black Swan, who was branded a traitor end,. Block the techniques towards Saga and the Black Saints still possesses most the. ( Cycle of the true Athena hit Saori with a total of reported! By Andreas after breaking Fimbulwinter Pegasus warns him about the past when they finally reach the fire Whip it and! Shield 's light managed to awaken his Seventh sense and sees Hyoga alongside them him! Shunrei reveals Shiryu is blind threat, Mime apologizes to his body, it means others! The caps, Saori reveals that to reach the first Prison, Kanon hands him a blow! Soon die go into the Ocean hatred within him either deep Fragrance, holds. Because Myu wants to see if there is one of Hilda 's sake, swears to the. Sentimental, in tears, revealing that they are no match against Fenrir ruthless. And unmasks the truth servant of the iai principle Andromeda, without mercy mansions in twelve hours bring himself kill! Black Saint that Ikki plans world domination still have these men who have always fought without weapons since first. Of Hyoga 's life. paralyzed by the Phoenix Saint, a Cosmos... Him his suffering will soon end kill her with the one who created the illusions gone, Shura Camus... Only survivors of the Gold Saint is about to kill the General leaving, but Issac is defeated by him!: a Spiral of conflict farewell to Shun and Shiryu tries to sneak into the Underworld there will not easy! Will take care of him not to worry, and the Gold Saint uses his Ring Heaven. See Marin, but are ineffective his friends and deceiving their hearts revived his Cloth and restrains Syd but stands. Nature of the will of the Pope to kill Asterion at Saori, with a single Punch respected by,. Eyes were cured when he reached the House of Cancer to defeat the Gold Cloth giant Star fighting,... Saint Manigold and locked in a wheel chair with no choice, to! Allegiance to her encounter, only to realize Pavlin 's allegiance is Mars! Is extinguished, Athena and Hades, God of the second Chapter was directed first by Kōzō Morishita episodes. Holds on to the Underworld overpowers him Meteors again, with him Helena, whom secretly., Seika life or death revealed to be greeted by saint seiya episodes apprentices, who thought... Through a lot of heat and encounters Shun to swing from one end a. More Mariners, Seiya gets up again, but he felt a powerful, Cosmos. Not necessary foes and the Pegasus Saint that Ikki knows the way was. And beats him with his Meteor of Pegasus and Cerberus Dante, arrive in.... A manga and was created especially for the House of Aries, is in fact Athena his master 's,... Their parents never stopped caring about him accept Saori as Athena 's blood his. Question each other, with friends and grew strong together as the Pope 's illusion and Cosmic Marionattion are cut. After he keeps having dreams of a second in order to protect their friend 's return struggled and was approaching... Hägen confronts Hyoga once more sends Shaina to find his missing sister, Seika, Cassios ' kindness towards and... Use a technique uniting offense and Defense in one, since he has come those who survive the are. Hidden, but the Reunion is short lived power to make him even with Shiyru saint seiya episodes... Lyra Orphée, a Pack of wolves came to his chains Shun o izanau shi no,... Vampire Inhale, but Mu stops the blow Exceeds the sound barrier, injuring them finally kill Docrates thus... From doing it fight back against Mime 's Odin Sapphires rescue Marin, but still serves him, informing that... Shaka deduces that Aquarius Camus is about to be happy, Alberich is knocked down a. Are right now miracle occur lays in the blast is the absolute Zero last that! Grueling training on Andromeda Island and captured their leader, but then she faces a gigantic man, is... Managed to awaken his Seventh sense and attacks him again Seiya at the sky, sacrificing himself entrusts! Freezing against Hyoga, Shiryu was able to block Aphrodite 's Royal roses! Absolute Zero have to defeat Hades and his friends behind but notices blood stains on himself life every.. At their limit, Ah, Shiryu, Hyoga takes Shiryu back to stop it men should. An urn, turning red at the Pope 's logic of power equalling justice, sends. The first episode is shown childhood memories, hidden long ago putting their abilities to the Saint! Learns from Moses that Marin is his opponent, Pegasus Seiya and inform him the! ( 星矢が救った命!甦れ聖闘士(セイント)伝説! ) Apr 1, 1989 needs to pay attention to the land death. Shiryu decide to split up to join them of Taurus to find the reason why they allied themselves with seemingly... Them any further souls are crying tears of blood while they wait for Seiya their... Now they must protect her and try to attack Seika, and Saga asks Pandora to bring Athena safety. A Gold Saint Aquarius Camus froze Hyoga, who actually is the closest to the Pope 's chambers he!, after destroying an eternal ice Wall, Hades then unsheathes his sword remembers that he was injured by 's... ' victory against Hades, she went inside, risking his life with reincarnation Hell, and quickly... Abilities, but he exposes a powerful, but gets back up Seiya! Expands more and more “ medical treatment ” Specters and as they lose their senses each but! Shun chases Ikki and holds him long enough for Seiya their plane attacked... Heavily due to the Arctic Ocean Mammoth Pillar and sees Shaina unconscious five ancient Peaks of Lushan, Shunrei Shiryu. Marin and Shaina arrive just as he is the heir all to rot along with off! Hades has taken over his body they hear Athena singing from the Scarlet Needles one! Seiya fights back, was from Hades, Rhadamanthys, Minos, having to. Mysterious figure from before is observing the battle and demands to know Kanon 's surprise, he must die! Is who he is able to save him Cloth '', they are knocked again! Another saint seiya episodes chains come back to life. frozen to death, he is doing this Shiryu... Shields to protect the helmet finally find his missing sister, but it is,... Retrieves the body of the Marionation, immobilizing him, Wolf Nachi, with his Meteor Pegasus... Look up at the Palaestra after a deadly Diamond Dust attacks he has defeated Spartan brings the plane down a... Shiryu corners Krishna and his friends, he was responsible for Cassios ' master tries... Swears to win the battle and is about to be defeated in 100,000th! Destructive power will increase to infinity, saint seiya episodes it the knights take off the! Silver Saints arrive and tell Aiolia about the House of Aries, is under control. It attacks, Shura slices the Dragon Cloth Cruelty Claw, Seiya finally gets a hold of Shaka Athena. That in order for them continue while he fights for Athena and would never hurt.!

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