Listen while you read! [CDATA[ Read or print original Better Than I lyrics 2020 updated! Evan Taubenfeld - Better Than You Lyrics. "I can't help myself" Man, that would be the best. Murs Lyrics "Better Than The Best" [Intro: Murs - talking]: We on? Artist: Evan Taubenfeld. Turn on to get more videos. I still ain't got no Twix. Review: RIFF-it. The way I gotcha going crazy, I'll make you wanna dance with me. And everybody else was really wrong. • • Thanks for your watching. "Better Than The Best" lyrics. Joell Ortiz - Better Than Lyrics | MetroLyrics Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Highlight. He'll tell you you are really right. Candy. And faith has made it easy To see the best thing I can do, It put my trust in you For you know better than I, You know better than I, You know the way, I've let go the need to know why, for You know better than I If this has been a test, I can not see the reason, but maybe knowing i don't know, is part of getting through I tried to do what's best. Follow @genius on Twitter for updates I can do it better than, better than you. Don't forget to LIKE video and SUBSCRIBE my channel. //]]>, Sorry, we have to make sure you're a human before we can show you this page. And I know I know. And so what. Better than, better than you. RIFF-it good. Lyrics to 'Better Than You' by Metallica. / I bet your game ain’t better than mine! Heyo! 'Cause words ain't good enough, ow I can't explain your love, no It's better than words [Niall:] Ooh oh ooh, ooh oh ooh, ooh ooh oh! Turn on to get more videos. • • Thanks for your watching. I thought "I can do better than that" You don't have to get a haircut You don't have to change your shoes You don't have to like Duran Duran Just love me You don't have to put the seat down You don't have to watch the news You don't have to learn to tango You don't have to eat prosciutto You don't have to change a thing Just stay with me Better than, better than you. Album: With A Wink And A Smile. I'm no better than you. Better Than You Lyrics. !function(t,e,r){var n,s=t.getElementsByTagName(e)[0],i=/^http:/.test(t.location)? I look at you then you me Hungry and thirsty are we Holding the lion's share, holding the key Holding me back 'cause I'm striving to be And I know I know. Better ThanJoell Ortiz Coulda been still up in the hood Shakin' up, stickin', stickin' up Anyone that would come through [?] [Verse 1] / Dancing in the summertime / Skipping rocks and laughing / At the [Conor:] I can tell that you're watching me, And I know you're loving everything that you see. When the Big Man calls us up to heaven. //