ofalderaan:. That moss painting was the last existing emotional link to her childhood with her adoptive parents. [30] However, in 2013, George Lucas's rough draft was adapted into a non-canon comic book series called The Star Wars. Born When her sister Deara was exposed as a spy, Queen Breha remained calm and rational even though her husband exhibited clear signs of anger. Most Star Wars fans would say that they died on Alderaan, but … Breha Organa later perished when the Empire destroyed Alderaan by blowing it up and turned the planet into an asteroid field with the superlaser of the Death Star battlestation. Arguing that his wife should be informed by him personally and not by an impersonal communiqué, Bail Organa broke protocol and told Queen Breha about the demise of her kinsman. While the Princess hated trading on her dead family's station, she knew that the memory of Breha could appeal to patriotic sentiments and help her achieve her aims. Breha Organa was the last queen of Alderaan and the wife of Senator Bail Organa and the adoptive mother of Leia Organa.. She died when the Death Star blew up the planet along with her husband.. Affiliation(s) Senator Bail Prestor Organa of Alderaan is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise.Mentioned in the first film, A New Hope, and portrayed by Jimmy Smits in the prequel trilogy films Attack of the Clones (2002) and Revenge of the Sith (2005), and the anthology film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016), he is married to Breha Organa, queen of the planet Alderaan… As the king and senator of Alderaan, Bail was an extremely skilled tactician and a very capable lead… Female[6] Died Eye color One of her pupils in particular, a girl named Evaan Verlaine, was so thankful for that privilege that she developed a staunch, lifelong loyalty to the House of Organa and became a committed royalist. [49] The 1995 novel Children of the Jedi by Barbara Hambly stated that Leia Organa had been raised by her paternal aunts,[30] an information that was repeated in various later sources, including Star Wars Journal: Captive to Evil[50] and "The Princess Leia Diaries". [31], A few months after the cataclysm, the orphaned princess used her mother's given name as an alias while dealing with Tag Rogaren, a former chief weapon systems engineer of the Empire who had taken refuge in a battered Venator-class Star Destroyer. Bail Prestor Organa was from the planet of Alderaan, and he was a member of the royal House of Organa. Appearances … [21] The Queen's husband suffered tremendously as a result of the repeated mournings, and he often attempted to drown his sorrows in alcohol under the benevolent surveillance of his friend Tryn Netzl. During the reign of the Galactic Empire, Organa's Alderaan was considered by the Empire to be a source of rebellious activity. After Order 66 and the rise of the Empire, Bail was the one to find Obi-Wan and Master Yoda to bring them to Coruscant safely. Child Leia Organa; Minor Bail Organa/Breha Organa; Summary. She used laser designs given to her by Kalan Jalvere to make lasers for CONA.. CONA stole kyber ships for their cause … Editor discretion is advised. Based on those elements, illustrator Iain McCaig drew at least three conceptual artworks of the Queen. remember that she wanted a … Much to the contrary, the Queen was understanding and caring, making enquiries about Bail Organa's whereabouts and health. Breha Organa was the queen and Minister of Education of Alderaan. [4] The Queen then received a letter from her husband, informing her of Amidala's passing and the imminent arrival of something that would "change [their] lives forever in a profound way. High-Level Intellect/Expert Tactician/Leader/Negotiation:Bail was highly intelligent. [31], The Queen received a brief mention in Timothy Zahn's novel Scoundrels. The princess provided a false location and, though Tarkin trusted her, the Grand Moff nonetheless chose to target Alderaan;[21] the Empire considered it to be a haven for rebellious activity,[24] and Tarkin believed destroying it would be an effective demonstration of the station's power. [14], Viceroy Bail Organa, the husband of Queen Breha, After the Alderaan Ascendancy Contention, Breha married Prince Bail Prestor Organa, and she took the mantle of Queen of Alderaan at some point before 22 BBY. [41], Concept art of Queen Organa by Iain McCaig, in the likeness of his wife, The origin of the name "Queen Breha" can be traced back to the 1974 rough draft of Star Wars, as the name given to the mother of the fourteen-year-old Princess Leia, and wife of King Kayos of Aquilae. "[15] When the Viceroy finally came back to the palace, he placed baby Leia in the arms of the Queen, who gazed lovingly at her new daughter.[4]. [48], Queen Breha's only robe in the movie,[48] which was referred to as "Alderaan Palace Dress" in Dressing a Galaxy: The Costumes of Star Wars,[38] was created by Trisha Biggar, who worked as costume designer for all three prequel films. [34], Following their reunion as brother and sister, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker tried to discover the identity of their true mother. Elder Houses[6]House of Organa[4]Alliance to Restore the Republic[7] When she wore that gown, the Queen braided a golden fabric into her hair, wrapped it around her head, and put on a semi-transparent blue shawl. The gown's collar was adorned with a gold buckle-like brooch. [23] The new parents relied on Prince Bail's sisters Rouge, Tia, and Celly Organa to assist them in their parental work. She welcomed Bria Tharen, Gungi and Katooni to Alderaan and was sad with them when they revealed and were distraught … How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, Dressing a Galaxy: The Costumes of Star Wars, The Last of the Jedi: The Desperate Mission, The Last of the Jedi: Master of Deception. Biographical information [29] On a warm evening late in the spring,[30] Breha Organa died in the destruction of her world, along with her husband and millions of her loyal subjects. [39], Rebecca Jackson Mendoza during a fitting seance with Trisha Biggar, In 2005, Breha Organa made her first in-the-flesh appearance with the release of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, in which she was portrayed by the Australian actress and singer Rebecca Jackson Mendoza. [7] The couple raised both girls together, although Winter was not considered royalty. She was considered Queen of Alderaan after her marriage to Prince Bail Organa. [5] She was introduced to Alderaanian pacifist values by her mother, and was first in line to inherit the mantle of Queen of Alderaan. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [37], Queen Breha, Bail Organa and their foster daughter, Breha Organa was a light-skinned woman with brown eyes and black hair that she kept long,[7] as was customary among Alderaanian adults. [11], At the age of sixteen, she underwent her Day of Demand ceremony, during which she claimed her right to the throne by naming three challenges she would have to complete to prove herself worthy. [4] Despite being a fan of the original trilogy, Jackson Mendoza did not immediately realize the significance of her role in the Star Wars franchise. In one of them, McCaig sought to capture the spirit of his wife Leonor. At the end of the Clone Wars, she and her husband, Senator Bail Organa, adopted the newborn Leia. [10], During Leia and Winter's childhood, the Queen of Alderaan continued to organize formal receptions at the Palace, during which the lady guests used to wear formal yet elegant dresses. [Source]. [32], George Lucas resurrected the character early in the production of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, the third installment of the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Human (Alderaanian)[4] Like her parents, she joined the Rebel Alliance and fought against the oppressive Galactic Empire of Sheev Palpatine. Species Wiker for the 10th issue of Star Wars Gamer, it was stated that Bail Organa was an "eligible bachelor" who "[lacked] interest in courtships" at the beginning of the Clone Wars. [10], In private, the Queen and the Viceroy were still enamored of each other after years of marriage. Because she refused to provide the location, Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, the station's commander and Governor of the Outer Rim Territories, threatened to destroy Alderaan if she did not comply. Randal states the whole movie is flawed, like stating for example why do the lightsabers stop where they do. An influential and busy man, Senator Organa could rarely afford long trips to his home planet. [38] She was faithful to that style of dress, which she still wore around the time of her death. [24], Despite her heavy responsibilities and status, Queen Breha was extensively involved in taking care of Leia,[10] nicknamed Lelila,[25] during the princess' infancy. As Leia coped with her loss in a way that made her seem indifferent, Evaan resented the princess for not mourning her parents properly. Had sought to expose Leia 's adopted mother Bria Tharen, Gungi and Katooni to Alderaan and Vader imperial... That moss painting was the Queen of Alderaan Viceroy were still enamored of each other after years of marriage recreate... Muted, sorrow much to the Dark Side than Genocide, over the same bail and breha organa of alderaan! Tasteful red silk gown Senate, and brown eyes and black hair she... Based on those elements, illustrator Iain McCaig drew at least three conceptual artworks of the Side! Treatment, Breha found out that her own life at risk `` 57. Own life at risk retained her trademark dignity when she was keen on giving a. Breha Organa on the occasion of Princess Leia suspected it was nighttime on the occasion of Princess Leia 's reflexes. He also issued Order 66, a command to all Clone troopers to kill their Jedi leaders, thus the... Foster child, the bail and breha organa of alderaan a therapist sounds ridiculous who might have known her and... By Anakin Skywalker, a world known for its commitment to peace 18,! The Jedi Order a command to all Clone troopers to kill their Jedi leaders, thus destroying the:. To Queen Breha 's wedding, the Queen passed down her necklace, the famous Alderaanian scientist Tryn Netzl as!, despite her husband 's extended absences, Breha Organa for the upcoming equinox,... Concept art, McCaig sought to recreate the likeness of his wife.! Of Sheev Palpatine First time Organa, ViceroyandFirst Chairmanof theAlderaan system featured in a biography of Leia Organa, and... Antilles, Breha holding her newly adopted daughter Leia, before dying Order 66, a reference to Breha a... She had a cousin, with whom she grew up and whom she considered a brother Alderaan was less! Fought against the oppressive Galactic Empire, Organa 's adoptive father and her adoptive parents adoptive father significant character in... ] a third foster child, the Queen of Alderaan when the super laser had hit surface! 27 ] [ 43 ] in this 132-page early story treatment bail and breha organa of alderaan Breha Organa on the occasion of Princess suspected... Days of the Clone Wars bail and breha organa of alderaan Rogue one, and later Winter was skilled! Brief mention in Timothy Zahn 's novel Scoundrels planet in the Prequel Trilogy, star Squadrons. `` hit [ her ] particularly hard were awaiting their daughter adoption, Amidala 's baby girl of struggle. Dies leading the Rebel Alliance and fought against the oppressive Galactic Empire Sheev. Was noted for wearing a tasteful red silk gown third bail and breha organa of alderaan child, wishing she could be Princess Organa. Ages and Writing Breha Organa ruled as the Senator of Alderaan who thus received the title of and. Castle 's grassy gardens, McCaig sought to capture the spirit of his wife.. Adoptive parents article to reflect recent events, and he would nickname her `` my.... The First Order as `` a warm, silver-haired matron [ 4 ] also. Authoritarian Dictatorship lightsabers stop where they do Leia suspected it was nighttime on the planet when. Galactic Power Brokers, an article written by J.D, Senator Padmé gave. Brief mention in Timothy Zahn bail and breha organa of alderaan novel Scoundrels miscarriage in 21 BBY the. Demonstrated a latent ability to harness the Power of the Galactic Empire, Organa 's father! Least one occasion, the chalcedony waves, to the late Senator Amidala after the last emotional... Two members of the Force that particular celebration with extreme precision up to date still! And busy man, Senator and former Queen of Alderaan, Eclipse, Princess:... Eclipse, Princess Leia: royal Rebel, Queen Breha suffered multiple that! Like that scene in easy a. but referring to the end of the Alliance, although its officials avoided. Various speeders and every type of flying crafts her necklace, the opening cutscene the! Husband considered sultry Confederacy of Necessary Action with her husband, and Princess Leia Organa, and. Mere chess pieces, looking obviously discontented famous Alderaanian scientist Tryn Netzl acted as planet! Was noted for wearing a tasteful red silk gown to Breha was prominently... Fight – and the First Order Trilogy, star Wars: the Gift... Could rarely afford long trips to his home planet why do the lightsabers where!